Lucky Devil Photography: for all of your GPOSING needs across every English speaking Data Center!I specialize in portrait, event, wedding, action/adventure, and boudoir photography, with an emphasis on fine details, lighting, color and using shaders to create the right mood for each shot!Book me for your next event or to treat yourself to a custom portrait session!

NOW AVAILABLE: Aeon Studios, a public photography studio and event center, created in partnership with Karhan Lucianous Photography and Serenity Studios!Marilith, Dynamis | Goblet Ward 21 Plot 5

Services Menu

  • GPOSE Commissions: 500k per hour min

  • GPOSE Lessons: 500K per Hour min

  • CARRD Design: 1m per Hour min

Important Information

  1. All photo packages come with minor adjustments and will be shot with custom lighting and shaders enabled.

  2. For each pose/setup, you will receive several different angles and shader options.

  3. I prefer to do photo shoots live so that clients may give feedback and make requests throughout.

  4. You will receive samples of photos throughout the shoot via Discord, and a complete album on Imgur upon full payment.

  5. I charge an hourly rate and not per shot/pose. Client keeps ALL photos taken during each hour booked.

  6. More complicated shoots with multiple subjects, different locations or intricate poses will take longer and thus cost more.

  7. 50% payment is required before the shoot/event begins. The remaining half and any tips are due upon completion.

  8. I only accept in-game currency as payment for in-game work. I do not support RMT in any way.

  9. I will only use custom clothing and body modifications (ie. tattoos, piercings, custom makeup/hair/scales/tails) if the client can link up with me via Mare Synchronos.

  10. Credit is appreciated if you re-post photos purchased from me via commission. Please credit "Lucky Devil Photography".

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